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STEAM Education involves Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. St. Xavier School, Koida STEAM education system is purely based on increasing the skills of the students for a better career in this century. Coding, Robotics & AI plays a major role in imparting STEAM education. Teaching with the principles of STEAM Education helps the students to learn the skills needed for building a better career in the 21st century.


Boost your child’s curiosity and critical thinking skills. These training wheels for future innovators will spark your child’s passion for learning. Perfect for visual and audio learners.


  • Makes Review or Revision of Lessons More Convenient
  • Makes the Learning Process More Fun
  • Increases the Level of Engagement between Teachers and Students
  • Allows Students with Various Disabilities to Learn Better
  • Brings Convenience and Flexibility in Learning



In today’s age where kids are glued to digital devices, let them disconnect and benefit from the beauty of stimulating activity. Engage them to learn something valuable. Transform their learning experience with simple, fun and creative worksheets for kids.

Worksheets are great resources to enhance a child’s intellect, imagination, handwriting, and finer motor skills. Utilize an effective, enjoyable and creative way to elevate a child’s brain capacity and augment their knowledge with personalized worksheets for kids. Get your personalized worksheets now.

Non-Toxic Educational Activity

  • Helps in Boosting Kids IQ
  • Enhances Development of Kids Senses
  • Enhances the Development of Problem-Solving Skills
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Enhanced Emotional and Social Development
  • Improved Concentration

CCTV Surveillance

  • Security cameras largely help school authorities to track each and every event that unfolds in the classroom. This can help more than the surprise visits from authorities.
  • Discipline is no more an issue
  • Teachers’ behavior can be monitored
  • Students are monitored individually
  • Help in investigation
  • Emergencies can be tackled
  • Intruders and offenders can be easily caught

Benefits Of Low Ratio

  • Individualized Attention
  • Increased Student Participation
  • Enhanced Learning
  • Greater Academic Results


Computer Lab

  • School Computer Labs Supplement Classroom Learning
  • Saving time – These devices can save time in numerous ways
  • Online tools- These are the different online tools that are used by modern teachers in making learning more interesting, easy to understand and fun
  • Tutoring
  • Knowledge and skills for future
  • Access to information

Safe Water

  • Children will achieve more when both their health and learning needs are met. Ensuring access to water and promoting a regular safe water intake throughout the school day is a vital role for schools in promoting health and providing a healthy learning environment.
  • Drinking safe water improves exam grades, research suggests. Students who take water into the examination hall may improve their grades, a study of 447 people found.

Clean & Hygienic Classrooms

  • Clean Classrooms Promote Healthy Habits
  • Clean Classrooms Reduce Absenteeism
  • Clean Classrooms Help Retain not only the student also Good Teachers

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